Yesss, it’s that time again…pumpkin fever is back and more intense than ever! This year, mine began back in early August when I started craving some pumpkin-y candles and scents up in my house. (Too soon?) Like always, there are a bisquillion new pumpkin projects and recipes out there if you like getting your gourd on like I do. Here’s just a handful of my favorite pumpkins du jour.

Pumpkin spice white hot chocolate. We all know and love Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte — I was right there in line the first weekend they were available to kick off pumpkin season. But in an effort to cut back on my caffeine intake, Jamie and I discovered a new concoction: white hot chocolate with pumpkin spice. It’s sweet, spicy (in a pumpkin-y way of course), and straight up delicious. Give it a whirl!

Metallic pumpkins. No one can resist shiny things, so why not guild up your pumpkin? I love these DIY designs by Just the Bees Knees, especially the wood grain effect. Bonus: they’re super simple to make. All you need is a gold paint pen, some spray paint, and an afternoon to devote to pumpkin decorating.

Pumpkin bread pudding. Dude, does this not look stupid good? And you don’t even have to try that hard to make it. This recipe from Love & Lemons (one of my all-time fave food blogs) would be an awesome, unexpected Thanksgiving dessert. Or anytime dessert, really. Or breakfast?

White wedding pumpkins. My cousin Amy is getting married this weekend and for her fall wedding, she’s planned to decorate with white pumpkins….and as a pumpkin freak, I love the idea! I can’t wait to see (and play with) all the pumpkin d├ęcor. I’ve been told there will be tiny white pumpkin place card holders. Wheee!

Pumpkin fettuccine. I’m pretty excited about this savory pumpkin recipe from Camille Styles. This pasta looks fancy yet so easy to make, a little baby could do it. I’m determined to squeeze this dish into my meal plan before pumpkin coma sets in.

Pumpkin wreath. When it comes to pumpkins, the tinier the better is what I always say. So I squealed when I saw this adorable wreath decked out with mini pumpkins on Anthology. The look is simple, rustic, and totally DIY-able.

Pumpkin snickerdoodle muffins. This recipe by Heather Christo is a combo of three delicious foods: pumpkins, snickerdoodles, and muffins. So naturally I had to pin that. Can you imagine how amazing your house would smell with these baking in the oven? And how fun it would be to eat the whole batch yourself?

Pumpkin picking at Cox Farms. Just like last year, we visited Cox Farms on my birthday weekend during their annual fall festival to stock up on pumpkins. They have an incredible variety of pumpkins and gourds (some things I’ve never seen before in my life), not to mention the best kettle corn in all the land. We had to use a wheelbarrow to carry out all our pumpkin loot this year…we did good.

P.S. Need more pumpkins in your life? See my pumpkin posts of years past here and here.

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  • Kim says:

    Having worked at Starbucks, I totally support this pumpkin white hot chocolate thing. So freakin’ good. And I just stocked up on extra fall candles last night at Bath & Body Works because APPARENTLY someone is trying to kick fall to the curb already for Christmas and all fall scents are 50% off!

    • Katie says:

      Aaahhh, I’m glad you agree! And I saw the 50% off fall scents too, but all the good stuff was already taken. :( Boo. But I think I have enough left in my stash to at least get me through this month…I hope?! P.S. I did break down and buy some Christmas scents already. It couldn’t be helped — they were all up in my face!

      P.P.S. Thanks so much for sending that recipe! Must get biscuits + gravy in my belly ASAP.

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