Here in Northern VA, it got real warm real quick just in time for the first days of Spring. I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but I’m actually pretty excited to get back outside to work in the yard again and to continue gussying up our home’s exterior. One item on the short list is to prune our wild + crazy forsythia bush in the back corner of the yard, which filled up with pretty yellow flowers within a couple days of nice weather.

We’re enjoying the blooms while they last, but once they’re all gone and only leaves remain, we’ll be doing some hardcore pruning. This one, giant bush is actually a collection of a few forsythia bushes so we’re going to do our best to make it look pretty while leaving the birds’ nests inside undisturbed. (At least one family of cardinals lives there. They’re my fave neighbors.)

Since early March, I’ve obsessively been watching the little redbud we planted last Fall for some pinkish-purple buds to begin forming — a sure sign the tree survived the winter. You can imagine my relief when these popped open last week:

I’m so proud of our little tree! I’d been reading online that some redbuds don’t bloom at all if they’re not yet established or if the past winter wasn’t cold enough, but against all odds (take a look at it now!) our little guy pulled through. It’s not as full of flowers as it could be, but I’m chalking it up to the fact that it’s still young, newly planted, and we had a mild winter.

Jamie has started working on the lawn again — which thank god, because it’s looking kinda rough. He treated it with a weed + feed fertilizer a couple weekends ago and while we’re already seeing some improvement, we’re planning to seed soon as well. Our next-door neighbors recently had sod put in their front yard and the landscapers strategically laid a barrier of mulch between our lawns, probably so our wire grass wouldn’t cross the border into their lush, new sod. Ha…ha. I don’t blame them — their new lawn looks pretty fantastic. But it’s our goal to make our lawn look just as good as theirs, minus the pricey sod.

Other outdoor goals for this spring + summer season include:

  • – finishing up our leftover autumn plans: staining the deck and completing the backyard fencing
  • – installing a new mailbox post
  • – replacing the pendant above the front door
  • – landscaping work
  • – painting or replacing the front porch columns

This list may change or grow as we start tackling our outdoor projects, but we hope to get most of this accomplished seeing as we’re behind on our autumn plans. Nothing like a little self-induced pressure to get things done!

P.S. Since I’m on the subject of plants and whatnot, here are some pretty flowers for your viewing pleasure. Remember last week when I mentioned my big bro’s wedding was approaching? Well, this is a collection of some of the remaining flowers we purchased (from Trader Joe’s) to create rehearsal dinner centerpieces:

Ranunculus, waxflower, little roses, and berries to name a few. Aaand here’s the colorful bridesmaid bouquet I got to carry on the big day:

Orchids, roses, and something else. Peony, maybe? Whatever it is, it’s lovely. And the entire wedding weekend was, too! Hoping to have photos to share in the not-too-distant future!

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